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Aapo Jussila is a Finnish musician. He is specialized in playing electric bass, songwriting, arranging and teaching. He has a Bachelor's degree in Pop & Jazz Music Education, qualifying to teach the bass and bands in secondary level education and in lower educational levels.  

As a bass teacher, Aapo emphasizes on the personal goals of the students, reckoning in their music taste but also offering them examples from the music styles they are not yet familiar with. He likes to use living music, that is recorded songs, as principal teaching material, also adding etydes and exercises from the issues at hand.  

As a band teacher, Aapo stresses the joy of playing together with the different skills that every player or singer has. When choosing the songs for playing, Aapo takes account of band students' music taste, also adding some pop classics from the past decades and maybe even some examples of world music. Aapo has studied all the most common band instruments (that is bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and singing) and made arrangements for different kinds of instrumentations, so he is able to advice the role of the different instruments in the band playing.

In the year 2010 Aapo won the third prize in the composition contest of societal music with his composition for mixed choir, Ei Kenenkään Tytär, together with the lyricist Johanna Viksten. The contest was arranged by Koiton Laulu choir.







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